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Barristers practising in Common Law based legal systems (AUST, UK, CAN, SA, NZ, HK,SG) can only connect with Lawyers/ Solicitors and Direct Access (e.g Corporates, subject to Bar rules of each jurisdiction).

(If you are a Bar member outside the Common Law based legal countries above who practices advocacy (eg trial lawyers) simply register as a Lawyer on Law-Whiz and refer to the section for Global Lawyers so you can connect with professional clients to perform the legal work).

Law-Whiz relieves your marketing stresses and allows you to take briefs from Lawyers/ Solicitors , Trademark and Patent Attorneys in Common Law based legal systems with whom you have not worked thereby increasing your revenue.

Once you are verified, complete your profile so you can be found and receive invitations or apply on matters added by Lawyers, Trademark and Patent Attorneys or Direct Access. subject to your availability, your areas of expertise, jurisdiction and seniority.

All Barristers must ensure they mark their UNAVAILABLE dates on the Law-Whiz calendar otherwise Law-Whiz will assume you are available by default.

Payment is only required upon confirmation of a matter by a Lawyer, Trademark and Patent Attorney or Direct Access on which Barristers apply.

Payment only for Applications

Barristers will not be charged for receiving invitations from Lawyers, Trademark and Patent Attorneys or Direct Access. Lawyers Trademark and Patent Attorneys or Direct Access will be responsible for payment on invitations sent.

After having full access to added matters including basic details of the firm, Barristers may apply on as many matters as they require or can responsibly perform. Unless it is confirmed by the User adding the matter, they will not be charged.

Please refer to the Pricing tab for more information.