Trademark/ Patent Attorneys - Global

Registration is completely free on Law-Whiz.

Law -Whiz will bring Professional clients to you, so you do not need to market your skills especially if those skills are in demand internationally or locally.

As a Global Trademark/ Patent Attorney User, your connection will only be with Professional clients.

Law-Whiz ensures a two way connection – through invitations or applications.

Verify your email and complete your profile so you can be found and to receive invitations or apply on matters added by Professional clients in your area of expertise and jurisdiction.

If you do not receive an invitation, Law-Whiz gives you an opportunity to browse and apply on matters that still remain unconfirmed so business is never lost.

It is a transactional business model.

You will have free access to review the matter before you accept an invitation or apply on a matter.

Payment is only requested once invitations or applications are confirmed by the Professional clients who require your services which you have accepted to take. You will NOT be required to pay to simply apply or receive invitations that are unconfirmed. So you may apply on as many matters as you are able to responsibly perform.

Upon payment, you will have full access to the Professional client’s personal contact details. We do not store credit card details so you will be required to submit your payment details for each new matter you wish to apply or accept.

Unless you provide your credit card details for each matter Law-Whiz cannot charge you.

Please refer to the Pricing tab for more information.