Each User must REGISTER and have their email VERIFIED before they can use the platform.

The role will determine their respective  connections and functions on the platform. Please refer to HOW it WORKS section in detial.

  • Other Professionals can connect with Lawyers, TM / Patent Attorneys to send them invitations OR have them APPLY on their added matters.
  • Lawyers in Common Law Based legal systems have a dual role and can connect with Barristers by adding briefs to Invite Barristers OR have Barristers APPLY on the briefs that match their availability speciality and jurisdiction.

Law-Whiz does not take any responsibility for the delivery of briefs and payment as between the Users.

Global Lawyers and Attorneys are those practitioners in countries all around the world other than the ones in Commonwealth based legal systems.


NO .

It is a transactional model. That means you ONLY pay if you want the matter that is confirmed by the Other client seeking your services.

In the case of Barristers in C/wealth legal systems, upon confirmation by the Lawyers or Attorneys or Direct Access Corporates.



No. Law-Whiz is powered by a third party payment gateway- Stripe. Your credit card information is entered into a secure SSL -encrpted page and sent directly to Stripe where a token is generated for each individual transaction by the payment gateway so it can only be used once.

Your credit card information is never stored on Law-Whiz servers. 


Law-Whiz is based on a transaction model.

Importantly, unless a matter is confirned, Law-Whiz cannot ask for your payment details.

Charges also depend on your ROLE and FUNCTION. ( Other Professionals are totally exempt of all charges)

Please refer to the Pricing tab for all the applicable charges.

No, the Service Agreement to which your bound prohibits such conduct and use in this manner will be deemed a breach of the Service Agreement and Terms of Use. 

Your details are specific to Law-Whiz upon registration .

Your email is your User Identification and cannot be changed.

Select the option of using external calander on Law-Whiz upon setting up your profile. 


Yes. Under the profile section a photo of yourself is required otherwise you will  not be able to proceed to the dashboard.

It is simple . Your role will determine your connections and functions as follows on the dashboard:-


1.If you are a Global Lawyer or Attorney you will only be able to:

  • browse and apply on added matters and receive invitations from Other clients.


2. If you are a Lawyer/ Attorney in Commonwealth based legal systems, you will have a dual capacity which enables you to:

  • browse and apply on added matters and receive invitations from Other clients; and
  • add matters to brief Barristers in Commonwealth based legal systems.


3.  If you are a Barrister you are able to:

  • browse and apply on matters added by Lawyers/ Attorneys from Commonwealth based legal systems; and
  • from Direct Access corporates.


4. If you are a Direct Access user you are able to add matters to directly brief Barristers from Commonwealth based legal systems.




No. Other clients are exempt from any fees.

When matters are added by Other clients to invite Lawyers or Attorneys or when they receive applications by Lawyers or Attorneys on their added matters, the Lawyers or Attorneys are required to pay the set Service Fee subject to accepting the invitation and upon confirmation by the Other client.



Your matter will be added with sufficient specificity (250 word limit applies)  including areas of expertise and jurisdiction.

The platform will match all the skill sets with your required matter so that you can invite them or allow them to browse and apply directly to your matter if the matter is still unconfirmed.

Upon confirmation by you, the matter will be closed and you will not be able to send further invitations.



Yes unless it is confirmed by the Other Client adding the matter, you will not be charged for either receiving or applying on matters that you browse.


Once confirmed, you will be prompted to make payment or if you have entered your Firm Account Manager upon setting up your profile, they will manage the fees payable through the payment gateway. Law-Whiz does not store any credit card details.


You will only have full access to the details of the matter. Subject to confirmation of your invitation or application as the case may be, and upon payment being procesed,  you will have access to the Other client's details.

No you are not.

You will have full access to the contents of the matter that is added by Other clients so that you are well informed before choosing to accept the invitation(s) or when applying on any matter before being asked to make payment for the Service Fee. 


No. Only Lawyers who are also called solicitors and Trademark/Patent Attorneys practising in AUST, UK, CAN, SA, NZ, HK and SG can brief Barristers.

All matters that have not been CONFIRMED, will go into "Pending Matters" and appear on your dashboard as so.


Lawyers will be asked to submit their payment detials for processing the Service Fee ONLY when :

  • An Invitation is sent to Barristers for briefing purposes( in Common Law Based legal systems) ;
  • Acceptance of  Invitations that are confirmed by Other Professionals;
  • Applying  on matters added by Other Professionals which are confirmed .

If you wish to connect with Other clients,  then you select Lawyer as your role and register as a Lawyer.

If you are in a Commonwealth based legal system and wish to receive and apply on briefs added by Lawyers, Trademark/ Patent Attorneys and Direct Access ( ie Corporates) then you select Barrister as your role.



Yes. That is the purpose of the technology.

Other clients can add matters to invite Lawyers OR have Lawyers apply on their matters that fit their expertise, jurisdiction and areas of practice.  



The role of a Firm Account Manager is to manage its own Lawyers' payments when required for sending invitations or when applying on matters posted by clients.

The Lawyers and Attorneys who sign up as an employee of a firm must have a Firm Account Manager also register and confirm that they belong to that firm. 

Lawyers or Attorneys who are partners should sign up as partners /owners and may not need a Firm Account Manager if they do not wish for their payments to be managed .




Yes. Depending on where you practice you will have the same role as Lawyers in that jurisdiction.


They will have the same functions as Lawyers where they will be able to:

  • recieve invitations or browse and apply on matters added by Other Professionals; or
  • brief Barristers across the Commonwealth based legal systems.


Trade mark /Patent Attorneys (other than those practising in Common Law based legal systems) only have access with Other Professionals. They can only accept invitations or apply on matters that are added by Other Clients.

QUESTIONS FOR BARRISTERS ( Common Law based legal systems)

Barristers only pay upon confirmation of a matter on which they apply.

No . Only if you have a clerk you should. 


You must go into your account setting and amend the clerk's  email to reflect the changes. Your new clerk will be sent a notification and once they activate and accept that you belong to their list, it will be saved.

 It is advisable to stipulate it as clearly as possible and to avoid confusion by making it inclusive .

You must always log in to Law-Whiz and mark the days that you are UNAVAILABLE.

You can click on individual days or times to mark out your unavailability.
For the weekends, you can also toggle on the top by clicking on the day column heading.

For specific times,  simply click and select.

No. You will receive notifications with a link to log into the platform.

Yes because it is not confirmed until you receive notification from the User that added the matter.

 Applying on matters does not trigger payments. You only pay upon a successful confirmation on each matter.

No. Your invitation is subject to confirmation by either a Solicitor/Lawyer or Direct Access User.

You are otherwise free to apply on as many matters added by these Users as you can responsibly perform .

(Note: avoid double booking your calendar)

When you receive invitations you will see the details.

On applications, contact details will be shown upon payment being processed otherwise you will only have access to the brief details, firm name and areas of practice of the adding party.


Direct Access User includes large corporate entities, inhouse counsel, government agencies, insurers, large corporate accountants, banks and financial institutes.

Direct Access User role is limited as they are only able to connect with Barristers in Commonwealth based Legal systems. 

Direct Access Users can brief Barristers directly subject to local Bar Rules in each jurisdiction.

This is not applicable for other corporate global users under the platform.



Yes. You must be a registered User. You will be requird to pay a monthly subscription fee .

No. Law-Whiz only allows Barristers to control their own time and days on the calendar. This is to obviate any confusion, delays, cancellations.

Yes when a Lawyer or Direct Access user  'confirms' the matter you will also receive notifications if you are a registered User linked to the Barrister.