Corporate -Direct Access

Direct Access essentially gives Corporates, Financial Banking Institutes, Accounting Bodies Government In House Counsel, Insurers etc in Common Law based legal systems a direct path to by-pass Lawyers/Solicitors and access Barristers to save on duplicated costs for advice related work.

Registration is completely free.

To protect the integrity of the platform and the Users, Law-Whiz through Stripe, will require verification of the information you submit about your personal details by asking you to provide your banking details – (a primary source accepted globally) for verification purposes only.

Please NOTE this is done for security purposes using Stripe so any information you submit is not retained or recorded by Law-Whiz cloud services. This is NOT to extract any charges but to perform the security checks to preserve the integrity of the platform.

Once you are verified, complete your profile so you can add matters to find and send invitations to Barristers to brief them directly for advisory work (subject to Bar Rules of each jurisdiction) or have Barristers directly browse and apply on added matters that are still pending.

Payment is only required when you send invitation(s) to Barristers on each matter. You may send as many invitations as you see fit on each matter. You will only be charged once for each added matter.

Please refer to the Pricing tab for more information.